Gladhouse celebrates making things, recycling, art and craft, amateurism, having a go, giving life a try, the artist as experimenter, quiet productivity, the therapeutic nature of creating things using our hands, eyes and minds, and spreading the word by example rather than lecture.

Most of the time we don’t make things to sell them; we draw, write, paint and make things because we love the process. Occasionally we may make things for sale however, and when we do you will find them on the Gladhouse Purchases page.

Gladhouse is a not-for-profit organisation. The prices we charge cover the cost of production and paying a decent rate of pay to the people with whom we work.

If you like what we produce, then please go to Gladhouse Purchases – our on-line shop – where you can buy Gladhouse products.

If you don’t want to buy Gladhouse products, that’s fine – Gladhouse is not about commercialism.

It’s all about making things.

So if you’ve come across this website and it has inspired you to make your own things, to write your own books, to paint your own pictures, to do your own thing, then that makes us very happy – inspiration and making things are more important than money and trade.